About The Vocal Company

Your A Cappella. Better.

We’re on a mission, folks. We’d call it a crusade, only those had a dress code (armor and chain mail have their place, but it’s awful hard to dance in ‘em) and a lot more blood. But our master plan, our blue-sky goal, is all-encompassing: Make A Cappella Better. For you, for your group, for the whole damn industry.

Wait, what?

See, each and every one of us The Vocal Company and its extended family has a personal vested interest in a cappella. Sure, we’re a business, and yes, businesses do in fact charge for services (though we’ve got some FREE offerings too!). But that’s a by-product, not the reason – because it isn’t a day job – it’s what we were born to do. Put it this way: If we couldn’t “do a cappella,” we’d just stand around with a group of talented singers, harmonizing and beatboxing our favorite tunes. Dig?

But we thank our lucky stars (except Sirius, you dog, you) that we can. And it’s all because of you. Your passion, your talent, your group, your contribution to an industry that’s gaining international traction with every passing day. We want to give talented, dedicated a cappella groups the extra boost that sells albums, wins awards, generates mad festival props, and sells out performances. We want to take your personality, that crazy, touching, ridonkulous thing that’s unique no matter what song you’re doing, and get it out there for the world to hear. Our offerings and services are designed to take what WE do and help make you better at what YOU do.

It’s not easy, but you knew that. It an investment of time and energy – and sometimes those things are harder to summon than mere dollars. But you do it because you love it, because you can’t NOT do it (double negative FTW). And we want to help you be better at it…the best you can be.


Because we love it too. Word.